We find the beginning of the history of mankind in the country of Iraq. Located there was the Garden of Eden, the place where sin entered the world; the Tower of Babel, where false worship led God to confound man’s one language into various languages; Nineveh, the place to which Jonah was sent to preach repentance from sin; and Noah’s homeland, which was the target of God’s punishment for sin when He sent the flood to wipe out all mankind except for Noah and his family.

The city of Babylon is mentioned almost as much as Jerusalem in the Bible. It is important for God to tell us about Babylon and how its influence has spread throughout the whole world.

Zechariah 5:8 “And he said, This is Wickedness: and he cast her down into the midst of the ephah; and he cast the weight of lead upon the mouth thereof.”

Zechariah 5:11 tells us that this woman, who is called Wickedness, is taken to Shinar, which is another name for Babylon. To understand Babylon, it is necessary to think in terms of wickedness. The Scriptures tell us that the love of money is the root of all evil. Through wickedness, Babylon obtains her desires and riches. We are told that Babylon is drunken with the blood of the saints and of the martyrs of Jesus. They hate those that try to restrain evil. Follow the trail of those killed because of their loyalty to God and you will find the influence that Babylon has brought on the world.

This subject is one we need to study and watch as we see present day events unfold. Whether Babylon is represented by the country of Iraq or just the area around the town of Babylon, which still exists in Iraq today, is open to debate since God chose not to give us all the exact details. We know from the Scriptures that the fall of Babylon has not yet been completed. The events of our time more closely fit God’s description of Babylon’s fall than the historical events that have transpired in the past in that part of the world. Several years ago Saddam Hussein had a painting done showing himself and King Nebuchadnezzar as equals. This illustrates the direct connection of the old and new empires of Babylon.

The Scriptures about Israel that are found in the prophecies against Babylon are within the context of the fall of Babylon. God’s descriptions of Israel and Babylon are not there just by accident, but are related to each other. God is using His chosen people of Israel to bring about the defeat of evil in this world. I believe the peace of Israel during the first three-and-a-half years of the tribulation will be made possible by defeat of Israel’s enemies (the mortal wound to one of the heads of the beast). As Israel’s enemies labor to destroy her off the face of the earth, their quest will ultimately lead to their downfall. Perhaps as they send off a nuclear bomb intended to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, it will explode on the launch pad.

In the fall of Babylon, Isaiah prophesied that the earth would be shaken from its place. Jeremiah prophesied that the earth will tremble and the cry will be heard among the nations. Trembling or shaking of the earth would cause major earthquake disasters worldwide and could even affect the earth’s orbit. With all the oil under that area of the world we have no idea what a bomb would cause. Isaiah 24:5 states that the earth is defiled by its inhabitants because they transgressed the laws, changed the ordinances, and broke the everlasting covenant. Isaiah 24:6 states the curse devours the earth. Micah 7:13 also states that the earth will become desolate because of what the inhabitants of earth do. As you look at Revelation, you realize that most of the plagues are directly related to the earth’s orbit.

For Israel to enjoy the areas of land mentioned in the context of the fall of Babylon, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, and Lebanon would have to give up their control of those areas. Israel faces her hopeless situation and asks for God’s help in Jeremiah 50:4-5 “In those days, and in that time, saith Jehovah, the children of Israel shall come, they and the children of Judah together; they shall go on their way weeping, and shall seek Jehovah their God. They shall inquire concerning Zion with their faces thitherward, saying, Come ye, and join yourselves to Jehovah in an everlasting covenant that shall not be forgotten.” Pay attention, because God enjoys showing His power in hopeless situations. The way I see it happening is that Israel will be attacked by the Arab Muslim world. Jordan, Syria, Palestine, and Lebanon will fall, allowing Israel to control the areas promised to them and also allowing them to rebuild their temple. In the process, Babylon, or the central part of Iraq, is destroyed and contaminated by a nuclear bomb and is never to be inhabited again. The radiation drifts over Iran, causing their people to be evacuated to all countries of the world in order to get the medical help they need. The result of this disaster shakes the earth out of its normal orbit, setting it on a new course. This disaster opens the fourth seal of Revelation 6:7-8, which results in one-fourth of the world’s population dying. Israel has tried to make peace with its enemies, but they have refused and attempted to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Israel will have a peace agreement with the world allowing them to keep the land they captured. The peace will only last three-and-a-half years, until Iran returns to its country and then begins the process of bringing the world to the Battle of Armageddon.

We are told in Revelation that the ten horns expose and burn with fire the harlot of Babylon. In the prophecies of the fall of Babylon, two of these horns are mentioned. They are Media (the Kurds) and Elam (Iran). The common factor in these areas is the Muslim religion. I believe the ten horns come out of the Muslim Arab world. They are the clay of the Nebuchadnezzar image. What came out of the Roman Empire (the iron) is Catholicism. I believe one of the popes will be the false prophet mentioned in Revelation, Chapter 13. When you put the Catholics (iron) and the Muslims (clay) together, you get the partly weak, partly strong feet of Nebuchadnezzar’s image. If you put the Catholic and the Muslim religions together, you have over half the world’s population. It is interesting to note the end times’ power could come in the name of democracy. We know from the Scriptures that many more are on the road to destruction than the road to heaven. Thus we can be outvoted at any time.

I see Revelation as a survival guide for believers, keeping their faith strong. With the fall of Babylon, God’s message to mankind changes to one of His coming wrath. The message of the fall of Babylon will divide those that believe in God from those who follow selfish desires and the devil. We certainly live in exciting times and we see God’s Word, which was written several thousand years ago, describe the events of today. Daniel 12:10 states that the wicked will do wickedly and not understand, but the wise shall understand.


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