The timeline of future events in the book of Revelation seems to chronologically be in order through Chapter 11. At this point, the kingdoms of this world become God’s Kingdom. After Chapter 11, time is spent identifying the major players in the events and filling in the details. The warfare in Revelation has its roots all the way back to the Garden of Eden, when man chose to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God’s love for His creation caused Him to provide a way of deliverance. This did not end the struggle mankind experiences between good and evil. Mankind today continues to pay the consequences of his deeds. The battle continues between God and Satan and their followers. On this earth, the souls of men are the centerpiece of this battle. God desires to lead mankind to truth and enjoyment of His Kingdom. Satan seeks to destroy God’s creation. This battle continues until the very end of this present earth. On Satan’s side during the tribulation, his unholy trinity will be manifested through Satan himself, the ten-horned beast, and the false prophet. We know this because the sixth bowl states these three distinct identities sent out representatives to bring the world against Israel, God’s chosen people.


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